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1 I Killed My Lesbian Wife, Hung Her on a Meathook, and Now I Have a Three Picture Deal at Disney (1993 short)

A first-time feature-film director (who's also the writer and producer) is casting the lead actress...

4.6/10 448
2 The Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special (2002 short)

The Easter Bunny is tired of being second-best to Christmas, so he hires Lobo aka The Main Man to take out Santa Claus in order for him to rule over the Holidays. But nothing goes as planned when The Main Man is involved.

7.3/10 277
3 Jitterbug Follies (1939 short)

Count Screwloose and J.R. the Wonder Dog are promoting a $10,000 swing contest. They plan to skip town with the entry fees...

5.9/10 119
4 Tom Thumb (1936 short)

The adventures of a miniature boy are illustrated.

6.2/10 73
5 The Loose Nut (1945 short)

Woody Woodpecker goes to the park for a game of golf, and quickly gets at odds with some city-workers who are laying a cement walk...

6.6/10 50
6 Little Brown Jug (1948 short)

"Little Brown Jug" is an animated short about various woodland creatures milling and drinking apple cider. Includes a sing-a-long of the title song.

6.8/10 40
7 Captains Outrageous (1952 short)

The near-sighted, and obviously rich, Mr. MaGoo and his nephew, Waldo, set sail on their well-rigged boat to catch Mighty Moe...

6.6/10 22
8 The Tale of Haunted Mike (2008 short) 7.3/10 20
9 Shellfishing (2005 short)

Two brothers find a new and exciting way to go fish

7.1/10 18
10 Fisherman's Luck (1945 short)

Opening with a few painful punful examples of various types of fish...a sunfish 'sets' and a starfish 'comes out'...

11 Feast and Furious (1952 short)
12 A Very Very Long Time Ago (1990 short)

12 titles

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