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1 Coming Clean (2002 short)

A group of friends throw an engagement party for one of their friends, a banking executive, whose fiancée has some dark secrets of his past that come to light at the party which soon goes wrong.

7.8/10 19
2 The Lockhavens (2009 short)

About an everyday Warlock from the 6th dimension, Senzo Lockhaven, deciding to become a social worker on Earth because of his fascination with "humans" and his struggles to adapt.

7.6/10 12
3 Harris in the Spring (1937 short)

Band leader Phil Harris, through a misunderstanding, finds himself with a job as a professional escort...

6.9/10 8
4 A Hollywood Theme Song (1930 short)
5 Vista/View (2007 short)

A love triangle in a Hollywood apartment building comes to a head.

6 A Little in Love with Me (2011 video short)
7 Hollywood Girl (2012 video short)

A young woman takes a trip through Hollywood to help her make a life changing decision.

7 titles

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