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1 Logorama (2009 short)

Police chase an armed criminal in a version of Los Angeles comprised entirely of corporate logos.

7.7/10 3,845
2 Person to Bunny (1960 short)

In his Hollywood home Bugs is being interviewed by the Edward R. Murrow TV show "People to People" when Daffy and Elmer show up.

6.7/10 117
3 The Chair (2011 short)

The chair is sharing his experiences in a studio interview.

7.1/10 9
4 The Hollywood Sign (2008 short)

A starry-eyed Tourist and a famous Producer meet in a fateful accident.

"   7
5 Artist's Muddles (1933 short)

Andy "Sunshine" Wilson, a happy-go-lucky vagabond, catches a ride with motorist Luckenbach who is on a suicide mission...

6.5/10 6
6 Hollywood Blackout (2006 video short)
7 Project Ion (2008 short)

A famous Hollywood filmmaker guards his darkest secrets by projecting them onto others.

8 After I'm Gone (2006 short)

A jogger comes face to face with the girl of his dreams while trespassing near the famed Hollywood Sign. The decadent glamorous world she introduces him to is choked with secrets, regrets and doors that should be kept locked.

9 Peg Entwistle's Last Walk (2007 short)

Peg Entwistle, the only person to have committed suicide from the Hollywood Sign, was an accomplished...

9 titles

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