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1 Barnyard (2006)

When the farmer's away, all the animals play ... and sing, and dance. Eventually, though, someone has to step in and run things, a responsibility that ends up going to Otis, a carefree cow.

5.6/10 18,677
2 Dead & Breakfast (2004)

A night at a local bed and breakfast turns into a bloody supernatural fight to the death.

5.9/10 4,857
3 Bound for Glory (1976)

The early life of Woody Guthrie as a vagabond folk singer.

7.4/10 2,893
4 Donald and the Wheel (1961 short)

A father tells his son the invention of the wheel was most important; to prove it, the two hipsters visit the inventor caveman Donald Duck...

6.8/10 154
5 The Shindig (1930 short)

Another barn dance. Minnie plays piano; Mickey plays fiddle, then percussion, then harmonica. Mickey dances with the huge Patricia Pig.

6.0/10 123
6 L'adolescente (1979)

The summer of 1939. Marie, at 13, goes with her parents to visit her grandmother in a small town near Avignon...

7.1/10 98
7 The Second Greatest Sex (1955)

In 1880, Osawkie, Kansas is feuding with rival town Mandaroon over which will be county seat, keeping the town's men away from home most of the time...

5.5/10 50
8 Wagon Train (1957 TV series)
Episode: The John Cameron Story

John Cameron, from Philadelphia, heads west with his wife to start a new life. Her flirtatious ways may get the better of her when three trappers come into camp offering fresh buffalo and thinking she might be more available than she is.

7.1/10 22
9 Wagon Train (1957 TV series)
Episode: The Greenhorn Story

At the beginning of any wagon train trip, the challenges faced by everyone turns a greenhorn into a seasoned veteran, even if those may mean death of those they love or some other loss.

7.5/10 20
10 Wagon Train (1957 TV series)
Episode: The Marie Dupree Story

A beautiful woman riding with the train likes flirting. When she gets mixed up with the wrong man, she strings along a boy on the train in order to make him jealous, playing one man's love against another's.

7.6/10 18
11 Night Train to Memphis (1946) 7.1/10 13
12 Laverne & Shirley (1976 TV series)
Episode: Shotgun Wedding: Part 2
7.0/10 11
13 Dirty Dancing: The Time of Your Life (2007 TV series)
Episode: Episode #1.8
14 Big Brother (2000 TV series)
Episode: Episode #13.44

14 titles

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