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1 L'homme sans ombre (2004 short)

A solitary man without a shadow rises from his desk, dons his hat, and leaves his apartment. He walks through a city to a large door...

7.1/10 323
2 Society Dog Show (1939 short)

Pluto's in a dog show against lots of snooty, high-society dogs. While Mickey's chasing after a dropped can...

7.0/10 274
3 Come to Dinner (1934 short)

MGM's all-star feature Dinner at Eight (1933) is parodied in this comic short, in which a cast of unidentified look-alike actors impersonate Lionel Barrymore, Marie Dressler, 'Jean Harlow', et al.

6.4/10 105
4 Pardon My Berth Marks (1940 short)

Buster, a reporter, takes a train trip and winds up innocently involved with a gangster's wife.

6.1/10 89
5 Young Ironsides (1932 short)

Harry is hired by a rich family to stop their daughter from entering a beauty contest.

7.1/10 58
6 The Smart Set-Up (1931 short)

A womanizing night club singer who has his pick of many beautiful showgirls tries to climb socially and break into society but soon discovers the social and class differences are insurmountable.

5.4/10 49
7 The Alley Cat (1941 short)

An alley cat spies a high-class female cat on her balcony and falls for her. Her butler sends the family bulldog to deal with the alley cat, but the cat's too clever.

6.2/10 46
8 Soup and Fish (1934 short)

At a ritzy beauty salon, while a mud pack is on her face, a wealthy socialite invites Thelma and Patsy...

6.6/10 39
9 The Fabulous Fraud (1948 short)

The story of Dr. Anton Mesmer, the man who discoverd hypnotism.

6.3/10 34
10 Alex in Wonderland (1940 short)

In this Warner Bros. short film, Alex visits his sister Belinda and her husband Fred. It looks like Alex is going to be around for a while...

5.1/10 30
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11 Bashful Ballerina (1937 short) 7.6/10 11
12 Weißer Kragen (2012 short) 7.3/10 10
13 Father Gets Into the Movies (1916 short)
14 Just Like a Woman (1916 short)
15 The Great Hansom Cab Mystery (1917 short)
16 He Tries His Hand at Hypnotism (1917 short)
17 A Hot Time in the Gym (1917 short)
18 Music Hath Charms (1917 short)
19 Father's Close Shave (1918 short)
20 Second, the Stimulating Mrs. Barton (1918 short)
21 Third, Jiggs and the Social Lion (1918 short)
22 The Pig's Curly Tail (1926 short)
23 Henry's Social Splash (1934 short)
24 Silly Billy (1948 short)
25 The Fainting Lover (1931 short)
26 Rich Uncles (1930 short)
27 After the Balled-Up Ball (1917 short)
28 Fashion Forecast No. 6 (1940 short)
29 Gangway (1931 short)
30 The Bigger They Are (1931 short)

30 titles

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