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1 Thor (2011)

The powerful but arrogant god Thor is cast out of Asgard to live amongst humans in Midgard (Earth), where he soon becomes one of their finest defenders.

7.0/10 358,625
2 The Other Boleyn Girl (2008)

Two sisters contend for the affection of King Henry VIII.

6.7/10 68,516
3 Queen Christina (1933)

Queen Christina of Sweden is a popular monarch who is loyal to her country. However, when she falls in love with a Spanish envoy, she must choose between the throne and the man she loves.

7.9/10 4,631
4 The Scarlet Empress (1934)

Young Princess Sophia of Germany is taken to Russia to marry the half-wit Grand Duke Peter, son of the Empress...

7.8/10 3,573
5 Pursuit to Algiers (1945)

Holmes is recruited to escort the heir to a European throne safely back to his homeland after his father's assassination.

7.2/10 1,984
6 The Mikado (1939)

The son of the Mikado of Japan, a wandering minstrel, falls for a girl who is engaged to her guardian.

6.7/10 408
7 Shaolin chuan ren (1982)

Two princes are seperated by birth. One is raised by the Prime Minister. The other is raised by three mad Shaolin Monks...

7.3/10 183
8 Maciste alla corte del Gran Khan (1961)

Sam must rescue a beautiful Chinese princess from a marauding horde of warriors.

5.0/10 121
9 Le gladiatrici (1963)

A race of Amazon warriors is enslaving the men of a country, and the mighty Thor is called upon to help them regain their freedom.

4.6/10 99
10 Ursus nella valle dei leoni (1961) 5.3/10 80
11 Maciste nelle miniere del re Salomone (1964) 4.4/10 67
12 The Monkees (1966 TV series)
Episode: Royal Flush
8.2/10 58
13 The Winter's Tale (1999 TV movie) 7.6/10 31

13 titles

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