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1 The 3rd Letter (2010 short) 6.7/10 125
2 Bad Bosses Go to Hell (1997 short)

Five intertwined interviews for an administrative assistant position go very badly for both sides.

6.2/10 72
3 Actor Commits Suicide on Youtube (2009 short)

A young actor records his suicide and leaves instructions to have the video posted to YouTube and MySpace.

5.8/10 25
4 Charley's March of Time (1948 short)

Popular animated character Charley explains the National Insurance Act, which was legislation that made health insurance available to all British citizens.

6.3/10 7
5 The Cure (2008 short)

Joy, a single mother, heads out for another day at her new job, leaving her young son Frank home alone. When the boy is injured in an accident, mother and son are pulled into a medical insurance nightmare.

6 Sucko on Social Security (2009 short)

When my health insurance was canceled after I was a day late with the premium. I took to the streets of New York City to ask people if they had insurance with surprising results.

6 titles

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