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1 Chocolat (2000)

A woman and her daughter open a chocolate shop in a small French village that shakes up the rigid morality of the community.

7.3/10 125,443
2 The Wolfman (2010)

Upon his return to his ancestral homeland, an American man is bitten, and subsequently cursed by, a werewolf.

5.8/10 80,018
3 The Wolf Man (1941)

A practical man returns to his homeland, is attacked by a creature of folklore, and infected with a horrific disease his disciplined mind tells him can not possibly exist.

7.4/10 12,737
4 The Barefoot Contessa (1954)

At Maria Vargas' funeral, several people recall who she was and the impact she had on them. Harry Dawes...

7.1/10 6,056
5 Les Lyonnais (2011)

After growing up in a poor gypsy camp, Edmond Vidal, aka Momon, has retained a sense of family, unfailing loyalty and pride in his origins...

7.0/10 3,848
6 Stone of Destiny (2008)

The story of Ian Hamilton, a dedicated nationalist who reignited Scottish national pride in the 1950s with his daring raid on the heart of England to bring the Stone of Scone back to Scotland.

6.8/10 2,426
7 Elena et les hommes (1956)

Polish countess Elena falls in love to a Frensh radical party's candidate, a general, in pre world war I Paris, but another officer pines for her.

6.5/10 897
8 The Man in Grey (1943)

After a brutish, hedonistic Marquis marries a pretty young Clarissa to act as a 'brood sow,' he begins an affair with her friend who plots to take her place.

6.9/10 520
9 Papusza (2013)

The rise and fall of the most distinguished Polish-Gypsy poetess Bronislawa Wajs, widely known as Papusza, and her relationship with her discoverer, writer Jerzy Ficowski.

7.4/10 161
10 Khamsa (2008) 6.7/10 154
11 Regina (2008 TV series) 5.3/10 123
12 Andjeo cuvar (1987) 6.7/10 108
13 Mustalaishurmaaja (1929) 6.6/10 43
14 Singoalla (1949) 5.1/10 "  
15 A Dream of Love (1938 short) 5.4/10 34
16 Kuningas kulkureitten (1953) 5.2/10 20
17 Magyar rekviem (1990) 7.3/10 18

17 titles

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