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1 Texans Never Cry (1951)

Texas Ranger Sergeant Gene Autry (Gene Autry) and his pal, Pecos Bates (Pat Buttram), save from eviction the family of Nancy Carter (Gail Davis)...

6.5/10 53
2 The Night Rider (1962 TV short)

Tim is the boss of a trail-herding crew consisting of Kentucky, a cook who plays the guitar, Joe, and Marty...

7.1/10 18
3 Singing on the Trail (1946)

A cowboy sets out to help a pretty young girl who's about to lose her ranch.

7.6/10 8
4 The Man from Sundown (1939)

When young rancher Tom Kellogg is murdered just as he is about to testify against a gang of outlaws...

4 titles

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