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1 Home Movies (1940 short)

Blunderer Robert Benchley is going to show some house guests the film he and his wife took on a vacation trip. He sets up the projector and the reel begins...and nothing good happens for Benchley from this point.

6.8/10 65
2 Lady Fishbourne's Complete Guide to Better Table Manners (1976 short)

The elegant Lady F. runs through the basics of table manners, while her guests illustrate the do's and don'ts.

7.2/10 38
3 Big Blue Goose (1956 documentary short)

In this Sportscope entry, naturalist Van Campen Heilner and his wife go to Louisiana bayou country to hunt a particular species of goose...

4.6/10 19
4 Friend Indeed (1937 short)

Pete Smith tells the story of 'Sparky', a German shepherd dog trained to lead his blind master, a country doctor who lost his sight in a fire...

6.4/10 15
5 Salar, the Leaper (1957 documentary short)

The joy of fishing for Atlantic salmon in New Brunswick, Canada.

5.6/10 14
6 Fisherman's Pluck (1939 short)

Narrator Ted Husing follows famed author Zane Grey on a fishing trip far up the Oregon River in quest of the steel-head trout...

5.7/10 13
7 Land of Lost Watches (1951 short)

Little Billy and Isabel are taken on an underwater tour by a talking fish. They visit the land-of-lost-watches and meet their father's timepiece there...

7.6/10 10
8 Trailblazer Magoo (1956 short)

The near-sighted one decides to take a hunting-and-fishing trip, and hires an Indian guide. He quickly...

6.5/10 6
9 April in Portugal (1956 short) 7.6/10 5
10 Lake (2005 short)

A reclusive man guides a woman through the wilderness, towards a lake that can wash away the past. As they journey along, the man and woman begin to develop feelings for each other...

6.0/10 "  
11 ABS and SIR: How They Work for You (1995 video short)
12 Ronco Showtime Rotisserie & BBQ Oven (2000 video short)
13 Perils of the Jungle (1941 short)
14 Feathered Bullets (1952 short)
15 Paramount Paragraphics: Oregon Steelhead (1937 short)
16 Zombie Training Survival Guide (2009 short)
17 El último chichiluco (2009 short)
18 In Searching for Hope... (2002 short)

18 titles

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