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1 Angel-A (2005)

A beautiful woman helps an inept scam artist get his game together.

7.1/10 21,441
2 Green Card (1990)

A man wanting to stay in the US enters into a marriage of convenience, but it turns into more than that.

6.2/10 16,253
3 Xi yan (1993)

To satisfy his nagging parents, a gay landlord and a female tenant agree to a marriage of convenience, but his parents arrive to visit and things get out of hand.

7.7/10 9,273
4 Permanent Midnight (1998)

Comedy writer Jerry Stahl, whose $6000-a-week heroin habit had him taking his infant daughter along...

6.3/10 5,513
5 Waking the Dead (2000)

A congressional candidate questions his sanity after seeing the love of his life, presumed dead, suddenly emerge.

6.8/10 5,441
6 David & Layla (2005)

Star-crossed lovers, David & Layla- Romeo & Juliet in New York with a twist!. Inspired by a true story, a spicy romantic comedy...via Iraq & Jerusalem.

6.5/10 795
7 Love for Rent (2005)

Tells the story of Sofia (Angie Cepeda), a Colombian college student struggling with immigration issues in LA, who accepts a $50,000 offer to rent her body and soul and become a surrogate mother to a wealthy couple.

7.1/10 724
8 Nada (2001)

In Havana, a post office branch is more than a place of bureaucratic rules and regulations to ensure effective public services...

6.1/10 264
9 Kehtaa Hai Dil Baar Baar (2002)

Ranshod Rai Patel is an egotistical and arrogant self-made Gujarati man who arrived from India and settled in the New York area years ago...

5.1/10 117
10 What's Up, Scarlet? (2005)

Scarlet is a single, workaholic Los Angeles matchmaker with no love life. Scarlet's mother is constantly trying to fix her up, to Scarlet's chagrin. Everything changes when homeless actress Sabrina crashes into her car, and into her life.

6.8/10 95
11 West Is West (1987) 7.1/10 50
12 Fei fat yi man (1985) 7.2/10 28
13 13 Months of Sunshine (2007) 8.2/10 27
14 'Merika (1984) 7.9/10 22
15 Apartment 202 (2005) 5.7/10 9
16 For a Green Card (2010 TV series) 6.2/10 5
17 Steal America (1992)
18 Legalization (2006)

18 titles

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