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1 The Last Days (1998 documentary)

Five Jewish Hungarians, now U.S. citizens, tell their stories: before March, 1944, when Nazis began to exterminate Hungarian Jews...

7.7/10 1,529
2 Mondo cane n. 2 (1963 documentary)

The official sequel to the original shockumentary, presenting new and bizarre behavior from around the world, including cruelty, graphic gore, and strange rituals.

5.9/10 510
3 Empires: The Greeks - Crucible of Civilization (2000 TV series documentary)

A documentary, narrated by actor Liam Neeson, that chronicles the rise and fall of the civilization of ancient Greece.

7.3/10 153
4 Byzantium: The Lost Empire (1997 TV series documentary)

John Romer recreates the glory and history of Byzantium. From the Hagia Sophia in present-day Istanbul to the looted treasures of the empire now located in St. Marks in Venice.

7.9/10 131
5 God of War II: From Myth to Legend (2007 TV series documentary)

A deep, investigative look at the mythology that was adapted for 'God of War II.'

8.4/10 37
6 Callas: A Documentary (1978 TV documentary)

Documentary about opera diva Maria Callas.

7.9/10 15
7 Aenigma est (1990 documentary)

Life and work of painter Giorgio de Chirico, born in Volos, Greece in 1888 and died 1978.

7.8/10 6
8 Who's on First? (2006 documentary)

When Athens became host to the 2004 Olympic Games, Greece was thrust into the task of creating a national baseball team that would compete in the Olympics. One problem, Greece had no team, players or stadiums in which to play.

4.8/10 5
9 Living Famously (2002 TV series)
Episode: Anthony Quinn

Documentary on the life and times of two-time Academy Award winning actor, Anthony Quinn.

10 Elliniki koinotita Haidelvergis (1976 documentary short)
11 Max on Set: Get Him to the Greek (2010 TV documentary)
12 The Colours of Cultural Diversity (2010 documentary)
13 Hello Anatolia (???? documentary)
14 Ivory Heart (2012 documentary)

14 titles

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