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1 Alexander Senki (1997 TV series)

Alexander the Great was the world's most powerful warrior. Reign is a 21st century science-fiction retelling of the legend of this Macedonian king...

7.1/10 312
2 Disneyland (1954 TV series)
Episode: Mars and Beyond

The episode begins with an introduction of Walt Disney and his robot friend Garco, who provide a brief overview of this episode...

8.6/10 121
3 Mariza (2008 short)

When the old fisherman tries to convince his donkey to climb the steep winding road of their Greek island, he finds Mariza to be one suborn ass. But the old man knows that no one can resist Zorba's dance.

6.7/10 52
4 Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (2000 video game) 7.1/10 22
5 Odysseus and the Cyclops (2008 short)

A fresh take on the classic Homerian epic "The Odyssey", as interpreted by an ambitious seven-year-old girl.

6 A Myth in My Hat (2008 short)

Olpo has bought a beautiful hat during his trip to Nicaragua. When he putd the hat on, he will discover that a creature of Greek mythology, lives inside the hat.

6 titles

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