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1 Starsky & Hutch (2004)

Two streetwise cops bust criminals in their red-and-white Ford Torino with the help of police snitch called Huggy Bear.

6.1/10 104,897
2 Rounders (1998)

A young man is a reformed gambler who must return to playing big stakes poker to help a friend pay off loan sharks.

7.4/10 104,081
3 The Joneses (2009)

A seemingly perfect family moves into a suburban neighborhood, but when it comes to the truth as to why they're living there, they don't exactly come clean with their neighbors.

6.5/10 28,381
4 The Big White (2005)

To remedy his financial problems, a travel agent has his eye on a frozen corpse, which just happens to be sought after by two hitmen.

"   10,883
5 Uro (2006)

Turning his back on a delinquent past and joining the police force, HP is determined to start doing the right thing. Soon he finds himself trapped in a web of lies, stretching out from both sides of the law. HP soon realizes that his present mission is closely connected to his own past, and that everything he worked so hard to escape from, is coming back to haunt him.

5.9/10 1,324
6 White Collar (2009 TV series)
Episode: Withdrawal

Manhattan is the latest branch of a bank to receive the calling card of the Architect, a master robber who got away with three earlier...

8.3/10 316
7 Chandler (1971)

A hardboiled aging private eye is hired to find and protect a missing government witness sought after by the gangsters. The witness is a beautiful French woman and even the cops can't be trusted. The case is tough, but so is Chandler.

4.3/10 216
8 En perfekt dag for golf (2008 short)

Paramedics Gudmund and Frode are on their way to hospital with a patient when their ambulance breaks down...

7.3/10 6
9 Bob Gratton, ma vie/My Life (2007 TV series)
Episode: Le golf

In order to have a video poker machine in his gas station, like his girlfriend Maggy at the flower shop, Bob asks her to convince the president of the local chamber of commerce during a golf tournament.

10 Person to Person (1953 TV series documentary)
Episode: Episode #6.19

Edward R. Murrow interviews famed New York Herald sports columnist Walter "Red" Smith and visits the...

10 titles

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