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1 Max Payne (2008)

Coming together to solve a series of murders in New York City are a police detective whose family was slain as part of a conspiracy and an assassin out to avenge her sister's death. The duo will be hunted by the police, the mob, and a ruthless corporation.

5.4/10 91,892
2 War (2007)

An FBI Agent seeks vengeance on a mysterious assassin known as "Rogue" who murdered his partner.

6.2/10 59,716
3 Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

A diamond smuggling investigation leads James Bond to Las Vegas, where he uncovers an extortion plot headed by his nemesis, Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

6.7/10 57,568
4 The Gift (2000)

A woman with extrasensory perception is asked to help find a young woman who has disappeared.

"   43,848
5 The Disappearance of Alice Creed (2009)

A rich man's daughter is held captive in an abandoned apartment by two former convicts who abducted her and hold her ransom in exchange for her father's money.

6.8/10 16,105
6 Mother's Day (2010)

The sadistic members of a villainous family return to their childhood home to terrorize the new home owners and their guests.

6.3/10 10,006
7 Tenderness (2009)

A policeman works to figure out whether a violent teen murdered his family.

5.5/10 5,799
8 Miami Blues (1990)

When Fred Frenger gets out of prison, he decides to start over in Miami, Florida, where he starts a violent one-man crime wave...

6.4/10 5,009
9 Karla (2006)

Based on real events, Paul Bernardo (Collins) and his wife, Karla Homolka (Prepon), kidnap, sexually abuse, and murder three young girls.

5.5/10 3,794
10 Scar (2007)

Joan Burrows returns to her hometown for her niece's graduation, only to be confronted by the serial killer she thought she offed years ago -- after he kidnapped and tormented her and her best friend.

4.1/10 2,045
11 Locked Down (2010) 4.2/10 1,995
12 William Vincent (2010) "   687
13 The Capture of the Green River Killer (2008 TV mini-series) 7.3/10 630
14 Salem Falls (2011 TV movie) 5.6/10 236
15 A Lure: Teen Fight Club (2010 video) 3.3/10 223
16 The Double Life of Eleanor Kendall (2008 TV movie) 5.2/10 141
17 Urban Flesh (1999) 5.5/10 91
18 Los violadores del amanecer (1978) "   25
19 Bag the Wolf (2000) 4.9/10 10

19 titles

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