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1 Man in the Shadow (1957)

Virgil Renchler owns most of the town providing a thriving economy. When his men go to far and kill one of his migrant workmen, the sheriff goes after him even if it means his job and everyone else's.

6.8/10 365
2 The Adventures of Champion (1955 TV series)

The exploits of Champion, a wild stallion who befriends twelve year-old Ricky North in the American Southwest in the 1880's...

7.5/10 55
3 The Silver Trail (1937)

A wandering cowboy attempts to locate a pal who has struck it rich in mining. When he gets to town, no one seems to have heard of the friend. Our hero learns the truth with the aid of a female bandit.

5.1/10 28
4 Buck and the Magic Bracelet (1999)

Children's adventure about a teenager and his dog

3.7/10 21
5 White Fang (1925) 4.8/10 15
6 Tracked by the Police (1927)

The Laguna Dam is to be built in Arizona,to supply water to desert-land unfit for cultivation or stock-raising. Rival companies bid for the building contract, which leads to violence and danger for Bob Owen and his dog Satan.

6.6/10 14
7 Trail of the Yukon (1949)

Matt Blaine and his son, Jim, and their men, rob John Dawson's bank, although Jim doesn't approve, even though Dawson jumped Matt's mining claim...

8 Yukon Gold (1952)

Corporal Rod Webb (Kirby Grant)of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police follows a murder trail deep into the Klondike...

9 Paradise Valley (1934)

9 titles

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