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1 Oz (1997 TV series)

A series chronicling the daily activities of an unusual prison facility and its criminal inhabitants.

9.0/10 46,669
2 Havoc (2005)

Two affluent suburban girls who clash with the Latino gang culture of East LA.

5.5/10 13,868
3 An Innocent Man (1989)

Jimmie Rainwood was minding his own business when two corrupt police officers (getting an address wrong) burst into his house...

6.3/10 3,860
4 Redemption: The Stan Tookie Williams Story (2004 TV movie)

Redemption tells the story of Stan "Tookie" Williams, founder of the Crips L.A. street gang. Story follows his fall into gang-banging...

6.5/10 2,532
5 Bra Boys (2007 documentary)

A film about the cultural evolution of the Sydney beach side suburb of Maroubra and the social struggle faced by it's youth - the notorious surf gang known as the Bra Boys.

6.1/10 1,001
6 The Red Skulls (2005 video)

In the city of Bronston, staying alive is a twenty four hour job... A wild bunch of hooligan kids who...

"   80
7 The Endz (2011 TV series)

Portrayal of life on the streets of Manchester, giving an insight into the young unsettling lives of city kids.

6.0/10 40
8 Bad Boy (2004 documentary)

Nathanial is in jail for gang related crime. His girlfriend Siian wants him to go straight when he gets out...

8.2/10 9
9 Still Life (2009 short)

Krishna, a young Sri Lankan Londoner, is hell bent on earning 'respect' in this time-fractured drama which offers an imaginative take on gang culture.

10 Tower Block of Commons (2010 TV series documentary)
Episode: Episode #1.3

10 titles

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