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1 Pryde of the X-Men (1989 TV short)

Just as teenage mutant Kitty Pryde is welcomed to the X-Men, the team of mutant heroes are called into battle to prevent Magneto and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants from crashing a comet into the Earth.

6.9/10 597
2 Le coup du berger (1956 short) 7.0/10 253
3 Night of the Hell Hamsters (2006 short)

A young couple unwittingly bring about the apocalypse - by possessed hamsters.

6.5/10 201
4 The Trial of Mr. Wolf (1941 short)

The Big Bad Wolf is put on trial for harassing Little Red Riding Hood. He then decides to tell his false side of the story, portraying Little Red Riding Hood and Grandma to be scheming to make a coat out of him.

6.8/10 146
5 The Witness (2000 documentary short)

Transformed by the love of a kitten, a tough New York City construction contractor is inspired to rescue abandoned animals, become a vegetarian, and take his message of compassion to the streets.

8.5/10 85
6 Romance Road (1938 short)

A RCMP sergeant must mediate a land rights dispute between an advancing railroad construction gang and French Canadian trappers in the rugged Northwest Territory of Canada.

4.3/10 82
7 Alice in the Wooly West (1926 short)

Julius is out for a ride on his horse; he does some rope tricks. Some bad guys rob a stagecoach; one of the passengers is Alice...

5.6/10 76
8 The Office Boy (1932 short)

Flip schemes to get himself hired as an office boy at the Screwy Nuts & Bolts factory, especially because of the attractive typist...

6.3/10 46
9 Big Blue Goose (1956 documentary short)

In this Sportscope entry, naturalist Van Campen Heilner and his wife go to Louisiana bayou country to hunt a particular species of goose...

4.6/10 19
10 Fifty Million Husbands (1930 short)

An estranged couple visit their old apartment, which is now occupied by Charley and his wife. Charley's wife, however, misunderstands the purpose of their visit.

7.2/10 14
11 Kniven på strupen (2010 video documentary short) 6.5/10 11
12 Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow (1954 short)
13 Age of the Beaver (1952 documentary short)
14 Die Pelzindustrie Chinas (2009 documentary short)
15 Fashion Victim (2012 short)
16 Chasse à l'ours brun en Amérique (1909 documentary short)

16 titles

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