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1 Red Dead Redemption (2010 video game)

A reformed outlaw goes back west, at the demand of the federal government, to find the members of his former gang and bring them in dead or alive.

9.6/10 8,600
2 Black Robe (1991)

In the 17th century a Jesuit priest and a young companion are escorted through the wilderness of Quebec...

7.1/10 4,796
3 Grey Owl (1999)

The story of the life and work of the Canadian fur trapper turned conservationist who claimed to be a Native American.

6.0/10 2,455
4 Winnetou und sein Freund Old Firehand (1966) 5.1/10 550
5 ¡Mátalo! (1970) 6.6/10 250
6 Romance Road (1938 short)

A RCMP sergeant must mediate a land rights dispute between an advancing railroad construction gang and French Canadian trappers in the rugged Northwest Territory of Canada.

4.4/10 83
7 Alice in the Wooly West (1926 short)

Julius is out for a ride on his horse; he does some rope tricks. Some bad guys rob a stagecoach; one of the passengers is Alice...

5.5/10 77
8 Heart of the North (1938)

Cpl. Jim of the R.C.M.P. is taking his daughter Julie to school in Edmonton on the Arctic Queen. Six...

5.3/10 71
9 Blue Montana Skies (1939)

Autry follows a clue written on a rock by a dead man to get to a smuggling operation near the Canadian border.

6.9/10 49
10 The Oregon Trail (1939)

Wagon trains are not making it to Oregon and Jeff Scott has been sent to investigate. Morgan, the representitive of an eastern syndicate...

6.5/10 28
11 Border Saddlemates (1952) 7.0/10 17
12 Wolf Riders (1935) 6.2/10 10
13 Wilderness Mail (1935) 7.4/10 7
14 North of the Rockies (1942) 7.6/10 5
15 Fighting Shadows (1935)

15 titles

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