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1 The Big Sky (1952)

The success of the journey focuses on keeping the Indian girl alive as well as themselves to complete trade with the Blackfeet.

7.2/10 2,511
2 Masters of Horror (2005 TV series)
Episode: Pelts

A sleazy, desperate fur trader who haunts a local strip club, gets his hands on some priceless raccoon furs that might be more than just priceless but cursed.

6.6/10 2,322
3 Bullwhip (1958)

In order to avoid the hangman's noose, a cowboy agrees to marry a beautiful but fiery redhead.

5.0/10 159
4 The Iceman Ducketh (1964 short)

When Daffy hears that the Klondike trading post is paying good money for furs, Bugs' pelt becomes endangered.

6.6/10 147
5 Wagon Wheels (1934)

The trio of Belmet, Burch, and O'Meary are leading a wagon train west and Murdock is out to stop them...

6.2/10 96
6 Frontier Fugitives (1945)

Ellen Williams' father has a valuable collection of furs and an outlaw gang is after them. Before he is killed...

5.0/10 33
7 Hudson's Bay (1959 TV series) 7.0/10 22
8 Prairie Schooners (1940)

Being unable to grow crops and pay their land owner Stull due to the drought, Wild Bill gets a group...

5.8/10 21
9 Canada Vignettes: Voyageurs (1978 documentary short)

A cinematic portrait of the fur trading teams that transported materials throughout much of the interior of 18th-19th century Canada.

7.0/10 20
10 Antti Puuhaara (1976) 5.7/10 18
11 Canada Vignettes: Port Royal (1978 documentary short) 6.2/10 12
12 Roll Wagons Roll (1940) 5.2/10 10
13 The Test of Donald Norton (1926) 7.0/10 7
14 Paid in Advance (1919)
15 Bordertown (1989 TV series)
Episode: The Fur Trader

15 titles

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