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1 Verona (2010 short)

The story of two young lovers separated by their rival fraternities.

7.0/10 174
2 R.I.P. (2003 short)

Night has fallen. A thunderstorm approaches. In a lonely house a young woman mourns her deceased husband. In the cemetery across the street the shape of a man rises from a grave...

6.6/10 123
3 So You Want to Be on the Radio (1948 short)

Joe McDoakes and his wife love to participate in radio show contests, but something seems to interfere every time they are lucky enough to be chosen as participants.

6.5/10 103
4 It's in the Stars (1938 short)

At Stanwood College, the Phi Beta Nu fraternity and the Nu Beta Phi sorority reluctantly vote to stop...

6.3/10 29
5 Man Bites Lovebug (1937 short)

To test his wife, Charley's friend puts him up to making a play for her, but she's on to it and pretends she's fallen for him, infuriating the friend.Charley must stay overnight, and unexpected complications put him in the wife's bedroom.

6.6/10 21
6 Rushers (2007 short)

Twenty-seven-year-old free spirit Tanner Easley has a plan to help his twenty-five-year-old workaholic brother...

6.8/10 20
7 Tugs Untied (1999 documentary short) 7.3/10 14
8 For the Love of Fanny (1931 short)

Glenn (Glenn Tryon), is trying to get into a secret fraternity in order to impress his girlfriend...

9 Gold Bricks (1936 short)

In this 20-minute (on original 1936 release and probably still is) Education short, Bert (Bert Lahr)is...

10 Schoolmates (1930 short)

Judy (Ann Christy), dresses as a boy in order to attend the ceremony where "Cudgie" (Sumner Getchell)...

11 Steppin' Frat (2007 TV documentary short)
12 The Last Day (2008 short)
13 The Brothers of Kappa Pi (2009 documentary short)
14 The Girlfriend Claire (2008 short)

14 titles

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