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1 Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2011 documentary)

A documentary on 85-year-old sushi master Jiro Ono, his business in the Ginza Tokio Subway station, and his relationship with his son and eventual heir, Yoshikazu.

7.9/10 16,350
2 The Stuff (1985)

A delicious mysterious goo that oozes from the Earth is marketed as the newest dessert sensation. But the tasty treat rots more than teeth when zombie-like snackers who only want to consume more of the strange substance at any cost begin infesting the world.

5.9/10 6,587
3 Tokyo Chocolate (2014)

A young American woman visits her grandfather's chocolate shop in "Little Tokyo," Dusseldorf, Germany. Once there, she is swept into a whirlwind adventure which takes her into the underground crime world of Berlin.

4 Potet (Potato) (2008 short)

4 titles

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