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1 Lo chiamavano Bulldozer (1978)

The "Bulldozer", a former football star, is now working as a fisherman. As a group of street-people...

6.6/10 2,472
2 Les seigneurs (2012)

A former footballer living in Brittany enlists his old teammates to help the local fisherman to win some games in order to raise money and save jobs.

5.2/10 1,674
3 Assisted Fishing (2012)

A lifelong loser dreams of finding fame and fortune by beating his arch-rival in a big fishing tournament. In order to win, he'll need the help of some unlikely heroes - A group of eccentric seniors who live in an abusive nursing home.

7.5/10 64
4 Salar, the Leaper (1957 documentary short)

The joy of fishing for Atlantic salmon in New Brunswick, Canada.

5.6/10 14
5 Striper Time (1956 documentary short)

This Sportscope entry features two sportsmen fishing for striped bass (aka striper) in different manners and locations.

5.5/10 "  
6 Fisherman's Pluck (1939 short)

Narrator Ted Husing follows famed author Zane Grey on a fishing trip far up the Oregon River in quest of the steel-head trout...

5.7/10 13
7 Mangarap ka (1995)

Nonoy and Jenny are childhood friends who move to the city to pursue a college education. Personalities change...

6.3/10 11
8 Navy Bound (1951)

A sailor who is a champion boxer in the Navy is forced to leave the service because his family's business...

5.4/10 10
9 Toobin' (1988 video game) 5.8/10 5
10 Screen Snapshots: Hollywood Goes a Fishin' (1956 short)

Dana Andrews and director Fritz Lang join Ralph Staub in this edition of Screen Snapshots, discuss their...

11 Paramount Paragraphics: Oregon Steelhead (1937 short)
12 Big Fish/Small Fry: Urban Angling in New York (2005 video documentary short)
13 Fisherman's Handbook Gulf of Mexico: Today & Tomorrow (2010 TV series)
14 Fisherman's Handbook (2009 TV series)

14 titles

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