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1 Veronika Decides to Die (2009)

The story centers on Veronika, a woman in her mid twenties who appears to have everything: good looks...

6.6/10 7,911
2 L'accompagnatrice (1992)

In Nazi-occupied Paris, a young accompanist named Sophie Vasseur gets a job with famed singer Irene Brice...

6.7/10 535
3 Asylum of Satan (1972)

A young woman is brought to an asylum to receive special treatment from a mysterious doctor. Dr. Spector does more than just run the hospital...

3.6/10 283
4 Une autre vie (2013) 5.5/10 76
5 Argerich (2012 documentary) 7.2/10 45
6 One Too Many (1950)

A once-famous concert pianist has had her career ruined by her alcoholism. Her husband and a member of Alcoholics Anonymous try to help her recover.

6.1/10 21
7 Petrocelli (1974 TV series)
Episode: By Reason of Madness
5.9/10 10
8 Aroma (2004 short) 3.8/10 5
9 Los pecados de mamá (1980)
10 Dona Tututa (2013 video documentary)

Epifânia Évora loves music and the piano, the most anyone can. Throughout her life, she turned joy and pain into melodies and sang them...

10 titles

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