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1 Galaxy Quest (1999)

The alumni cast of a cult space TV show have to play their roles as the real thing when an alien race needs their help.

7.3/10 101,588
2 Space Jam (1996)

Michael Jordan agrees to help the Looney Toons play a basketball game vs. alien slavers to determine their freedom.

6.1/10 77,326
3 Superman III (1983)

Synthetic kryptonite laced with tobacco tar splits Superman in two: good Clark Kent and bad Man of Steel.

4.9/10 37,786
4 Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008)

A worldwide epidemic encourages a biotech company to launch an organ-financing program similar in nature to a standard car loan. The repossession clause is a killer, however.

6.7/10 17,386
5 Wonderful Days (2003)

Civilization has been destroyed by war and pollution, but the survivors have built the last city of Ecoban...

6.8/10 7,047
6 Attack of the Giant Leeches (1959)

After local-moonshine swilling trapper Lem Sawyer sees a giant creature, people start disappearing....

3.4/10 2,647
7 San daikaijû: Chikyû saidai no kessen (1964)

After a meteorite unleashes a three-headed beast upon Tokyo, Mothra tries to unite with Godzilla and Rodan to battle the extraterrestrial threat.

6.6/10 1,972
8 Piranhaconda (2012 TV movie)

In this sequel to Sharktopus, two Piranhacondas hunt down their stolen egg. The scientist who stole...

3.1/10 1,516
9 The Apple (1980)

Musical set in the 'future', e.g. 1994. A young couple enters the world of the music industry, but also the world of drugs.

4.2/10 1,025
10 Sonic the Hedgehog (1991 video game)

A blue hedgehog with supersonic speed must rescue animals from being turned into robots by a mad scientist.

8.1/10 909
11 Privilege (1967) 7.1/10 644
12 The Return of Captain Invincible (1983) 5.6/10 452
13 Cowboy Bebop: Tsuitou no yakyoku (2005 video game) 8.1/10 31
14 Journey (1983 video game)
15 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II (2014)

15 titles

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