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1 Priest (2011)

A priest disobeys church law to track down the vampires who kidnapped his niece.

5.7/10 82,198
2 Conan the Barbarian (2011)

A vengeful barbarian warrior sets off to get his revenge on the evil warlord who attacked his village and murdered his father when he was a boy.

5.2/10 71,632
3 Ghost Ship (2002)

A salvage crew that discovers a long-lost 1962 passenger ship floating lifeless in a remote region of the Bering Sea soon notices, as they prepare to tow it back to land, that "strange things" happen...

5.4/10 64,544
4 Dead Silence (2007)

A widower returns to his hometown to search for answers to his wife's murder, which may be linked to the ghost of a murdered ventriloquist.

6.2/10 49,358
5 Sorority Row (2009)

A group of sorority sisters try to cover up the death of their house-sister after a prank gone wrong, only to be stalked by a serial killer.

5.1/10 20,232
6 Suburban Commando (1991)

Shep Ramsey is an interstellar hero, righting wrongs, etc. His ship is damaged after a fight with an...

4.2/10 6,407
7 Terrified (1963)

A masked lunatic kills off people in a haunted house.

4.3/10 246
8 The Young Ones (1982 TV series)
Episode: Demolition

Mike, Neil, Vyvyan and Rik learns that the council are going to demolish the house. Vyvyan decides to demolish the house from the inside and Neil wants to commit suicide.

8.2/10 142
9 Ghost Whisperer (2005 TV series)
Episode: Blood Money

When a fun night out turns dangerous for three teens, Melinda investigates an unsolved kidnapping that...

7.4/10 46
10 Logan's Run (1977 TV series)
Episode: Capture

James Borden, a hunter captures, Logan, Jessica, Rem and Francis, after Francis captures the three runners...

7.1/10 21

10 titles

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