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1 The Entity (1982)

Supposedly based partially on a true story, a woman is tormented and sexually molested by an invisible demon.

6.6/10 9,058
2 The Philadelphia Experiment (1984)

A United States Navy destroyer escort participates in a Navy "invisibility" experiment that inadvertently sends two sailors 40 years into the future.

6.1/10 9,038
3 The Story of Louis Pasteur (1936)

The biography of the pioneering French microbiologist who helped revolutionize agriculture and medicine.

7.4/10 1,284
4 Pandaemonium (2000)

Friendship and betrayal between two poets during the French Revolution.

6.7/10 658
5 Tesla: Master of Lightning (2000 TV documentary)

Biography of electrical inventor and visionary genius Nikola Tesla.

8.1/10 393
6 Lesson Plan (2011 documentary)

'Lesson Plan' is a documentary featuring interviews of the original students and teacher of the 1967 Third Wave experiment...

7.5/10 60
7 A Way in the Wilderness (1940 short)

This Passing Parade entry tells the story of Dr. Joseph Goldberger (1874-1929), a Hungarian immigrant...

6.3/10 59
8 Taiwanese School: The Experiment of Sergei Eisenstein's Montage Theory (2009 short)

Taiwanese School: The Experiment of Sergei Eisenstein's Montage Theory is a film featuring Sergei Eisenstein's montage art and revolutionary spirit...

8 titles

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