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1 Just Shoot Me! (1997 TV series)

Hot-tempered journalist Maya Gallo got herself fired from yet another job when she made an anchorwoman...

6.9/10 11,168
2 Moonlighting (1985 TV series)

The quirky cases of a former model and a smart aleck detective who manage a private detective agency.

7.7/10 10,109
3 Becker (1998 TV series)

Dr. John Becker goes through his daily routine of being a doctor, stopping at his favorite diner, and other various situations, all the while hating life and everything around him.

7.3/10 8,140
4 La cérémonie (1995)

The upper-class owner of a gallery, Catherine Lelievre, hires the efficient and quiet maid Sophie to...

7.6/10 5,353
5 Say Nothing (2001)

An unfulfilled married woman becomes intrigued by an alluring suitor whose attention soon becomes obsessive.

4.9/10 548
6 South Sea Woman (1953)

AWOL marine Sgt. Jim O'Hearn is court-martialed for a variety of offenses that carry 143 years in the stockade or the death penalty but refuses to aid in his own defense.

6.3/10 353
7 La casa del sorriso (1991)

A septuagenarian couple are attracted to each other in a retirement home but find the institution and their fellow patients frown on their relationship.

6.7/10 124
8 Ocean Ave. (2002 TV series)

A cop working on the case of a serial killer targeting prostitutes must deal with his own secrets being exposed.

2.2/10 110
9 La iena (1997)

An ex-model gets caught up in lust, murder and betrayal when a gun-wielding man pays her a visit.

4.7/10 54
10 Fools Die Fast (2000)

A story set in the 1950s about two people who find a way out of their respective problems through the love they develop for one another.

6.0/10 24
11 Becker (1998 TV series)
Episode: Imm-Oral Fixations
7.7/10 21
12 Shades of Gray (2001 documentary) 5.8/10 13
13 Two's Company (1965 TV movie)
14 Good Morning America (1975 TV series)
Episode: Episode dated 4 March 2013

14 titles

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