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1 Drive (2011)

A mysterious Hollywood stuntman, mechanic and getaway driver lands himself in trouble when he helps out his neighbor.

7.8/10 346,576
2 The Simpsons Movie (2007)

After Homer accidentally pollutes the town's water supply, Springfield is encased in a gigantic dome by the EPA and the Simpson family are declared fugitives.

7.4/10 209,856
3 The Lego Movie (2014)

An ordinary Lego construction worker, thought to be the prophesied 'Special', is recruited to join a quest to stop an evil tyrant from gluing the Lego universe into eternal stasis.

8.0/10 114,495
4 Wall Street (1987)

A young and impatient stockbroker is willing to do anything to get to the top, including trading on illegal inside information taken through a ruthless and greedy corporate raider who takes the youth under his wing.

7.4/10 102,217
5 Inspector Gadget (1999)

A security guard's dreams come true when he is selected to be transformed into a cybernetic police officer.

4.1/10 30,313
6 The Lawnmower Man (1992)

A simple man is turned into a genius through the application of computer science.

5.3/10 24,191
7 Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993 TV series)

In addition to fighting evil, Superman has a burning romance with Lois Lane in both his identities.

6.8/10 12,405
8 BioShock (2007 video game)

In 1960, a lone survivor of a plane crash named Jack discovers an abandoned underwater utopia, only to find out that the mystery behind its creation is much more sinister than he first believed.

9.3/10 7,768
9 Santa with Muscles (1996)

An evil millionaire (Hulk Hogan) gets amnesia and then belives that he is Santa Claus.

2.3/10 7,341
10 Khaleja (2010)

When a mysterious illness ravages a remote village, the villagers embrace a reluctant taxi driver as their savior.

7.5/10 2,482
11 The Strawberry Blonde (1941) 7.4/10 1,818
12 Bullets or Ballots (1936) 7.1/10 1,566
13 Home Sick (2007) 4.7/10 401
14 The Protector (1998) 4.3/10 191
15 Clash of the Ninjas (1986) 7.0/10 76
16 Eshghe Taher (1999) 5.9/10 36
17 Whitcomb's War (1980) "   8

17 titles

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