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1 GasLand (2010 documentary)

It is happening all across America-rural landowners wake up one day to find a lucrative offer from an energy company wanting to lease their property...

7.8/10 8,018
2 Breakfast of Champions (1999)

A portrait of a fictional town in the mid west that is home to a group of idiosyncratic and slightly neurotic characters...

4.6/10 6,481
3 Desert Blue (1998)

An academic obsessed with "roadside attractions" and his tv-star daughter finally discover the world's largest ice cream cone...

6.2/10 1,787
4 Le monde selon Monsanto (2008 TV documentary)

You do not have to believe that God exists, but you will after this movie know that the devil poster...

8.2/10 1,185
5 Everything's Cool (2007 documentary)

For the past two decades researchers, activists, scientists, and progressive politicians have struggled...

6.8/10 187
6 Taking Back Our Town (2001 TV movie)

A true story about a concerned housewife, Pat Melancon, who tries to block Shintech, a massive Japanese petrochemical conglomerate...

6.5/10 68
7 Look Who's Toxic (1990) 4.9/10 22
8 Silent Questions Bridge Views (2009 documentary) 8.5/10 13
9 3 Billion and Counting (2010 documentary)

Dr. Rutledge and his team take an in depth look into a disease that has killed more people than any disease ever known, Malaria, and tackle the wrongful banning of the chemical DDT.

7.6/10 11
10 In Our Backyard (2009 documentary)

An expose on the polluted industrial towns surrounding the St. Louis area, and their connections to a well known chemical company known as Monsanto.

8.4/10 9

10 titles

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