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1 Freddy the Freshman (1932 short)

Freddy comes to a party and is a hit; he then goes on to be the star quarterback at the football game.

5.4/10 86
2 El premio (2010 short) 4.1/10 28
3 Sztygar na zagrodzie (1978 documentary short) 7.0/10 26
4 The WitcHunt (2012 short)

Loosely based off the seven deadly sins, The WitcHunt takes you through the day in the life of seven different people living with their own personal struggles.

8.9/10 18
5 Built Upon the Rock (2004 video short)

Built Upon the Rock is a story of two brothers and how an inheritance teaches them about their own foundation and eternal life...

6.9/10 10
6 Yellow Light (2009 short)

When a lonely author living in the outskirts of Hong Kong begins to lose his only friend, he spirals into a sexual, depressive, and chaotic psychosis. Yellow Light is a dark portrait of a twenty-something's nightmare.

8.1/10 9
7 The Pencil Case (2004 short)
8 The Archer and the Suns (2008 video short)

A 3D animated film based on an ancient Chinese fable about an epic battle against the Ten Gods of the Sun in mythical world. Divine to mortal, sacrifice for love, envy to conspiracy Fighting the Suns is just the beginning of the legend.

9 Im Herbst kein Lied (2009 short)

Germany, November 1944 Little Ludwig tells on his brother, who gets beaten by his father. During the night...

10 Poisoned! (2010 short)

A bizarre silent film about love, loss, and whiskey, set to music by Of Montreal.

11 Captured Costume Girls (2010 video short)
12 The Bad Valentine (2011 short)
13 Sinners: Chapter I - Druj (2011 short)
14 Versos (2014 short)

14 titles

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