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1 Gerald McBoing-Boing (1950 short)

The story of a little boy who would only talk in sound effects. With story by Dr. Seuss (and Bill Scott of Rocky and Bullwinkle fame) this cartoon won the Oscar for best short subject (animated) for 1950.

7.1/10 1,029
2 Death of a Nation (2010 short)

A powerful film that examines the "progress" of our present day culture through the eyes of the oppressor.

6.2/10 110
3 Alice Gets in Dutch (1924 short)

After Alice is caught pulling a prank in class, she's sent to the corner with a dunce's cap, where she quickly grows tired and begins daydreaming...

5.4/10 106
4 The Children's Story (1982 TV short)

A just-established totalitarian government places a new teacher in a classroom of young children while the old teacher is sent away...

8.1/10 39
5 Kyô no go no ni (2006 video short)

The misadventures of 11-year old boy named Shota Sato and the often perverted situations he gets into with his female classmates.

7.2/10 34
6 Hikiko: Toshi densetsu monogatari (2008 video short) 7.4/10 29
7 The School (2003 short)

The School the story of Edgar, a grade school teacher, who attempts to demonstrate the wonder life to...

6.9/10 22
8 The Drill (2007 short)

It is the late 1950's: The cold war is in full swing, school desegregation is in its infancy, and the nuclear bomb looms over every American's head...

7.7/10 17
9 Kelly Clarkson: Behind Hazel Eyes (2005 video documentary short) 8.3/10 10
10 Primária (2013 documentary short)

A fourth grade class begins its third term. While they seize their last days of joy at the recess, in class children get prepared for leaving their first school.

7.4/10 "  
11 Szkola podstawowa (1971 documentary short) 7.6/10 7
12 Like My Life (2009 short) 7.7/10 "  
13 Being BAWSI (2008 documentary short)
14 Icebreaker (2008 short)
15 The Wrath of John (2009 short)
16 Inventing the Future: The K-16 Connection in Science (2001 video documentary short)
17 Proteus Point (2006 short)
18 Indian Girl (2010 short)
19 Crossroads (2009 documentary short)
20 Disco (2013 documentary short)
21 Teras Terrace (???? short)

21 titles

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