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1 Scrooge McDuck and Money (1967 short)

Scrooge McDuck teaches Huey, Dewey and Louie the basics about money & its history, economics and investing.

7.0/10 233
2 Heir-Conditioned (1955 short)

Sylvester is a rich cat, courtesy of his deceased mistress, who has left him 3 million dollars. His alley cat friends...

6.6/10 114
3 By Word of Mouse (1954 short)

Hans, a German mouse, arrives in America to visit his cousin, Willie. Hans wants to know all about the free market capitalist system...

6.1/10 90
4 Stuff for Stuff (1949 documentary short)

A short economic history of the world from Neolithic man through the present day which espouses free trade and global economics.

5.1/10 46
5 Why Play Leapfrog? (1950 short)

Joe, who works at a doll factory, gets an economics lesson explaining why a doll that has only ten cents worth of materials costs two dollars at the toy shop.

5.0/10 22
6 John Law and the Mississippi Bubble (1978 short) 6.8/10 17
7 Little Red Hen (1955 short)

The industrious little red hen is always on the move while the other farm animals just lay around and sleep...

8 Why We Use Money, or The Fisherman Who Needed a Knife (1970 short)
9 Why People Have Special Jobs, or The Man Who Made Spinning Tops (1970 short)
10 Let's Go! MBA (2009 TV series)

4 kids fight with a menacing mega-enterprise to stop them from monopolizing the entire economy.

11 Manga Nihon keizai nyûmon (1987 TV series)

11 titles

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