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1 Fargo (1996)

Jerry Lundegaard's inept crime falls apart due to his and his henchmen's bungling and the persistent police work of the quite pregnant Marge Gunderson.

8.2/10 327,761
2 Awakenings (1990)

The victims of an encephalitis epidemic many years ago have been catatonic ever since, but now a new drug offers the prospect of reviving them.

7.7/10 72,870
3 James and the Giant Peach (1996)

An orphan with terrible aunts for guardians, befriends human like bugs who live inside a giant peach, who take the boy on a journey to New York City.

6.7/10 40,130
4 Boy A (2007)

The story of a young ex-con Jack, newly released from serving a prison sentence for a murder he committed as a child.

7.7/10 29,597
5 Swing Vote (2008)

In a remarkable turn-of-events, the result of the presidential election comes down to one man's vote.

6.1/10 13,353
6 Jeux interdits (1952)

A young French girl orphaned in a Nazi air attack is befriended by the son of a poor farmer, and together they try to come to terms with the realities of death.

7.8/10 7,089
7 Walled In (2009)

A demolition company agent uncovers the horrifying secrets held within a building she's having razed.

4.8/10 4,326
8 L'albero degli zoccoli (1978)

The life inside a farm in Italy at the beginning of the century. Many poor country families live there...

8.0/10 2,854
9 Une vraie jeune fille (1976)

August, 1963; Alice, 14, an only child, and physically well developed, is home for vacation. She's moody...

5.5/10 2,186
10 Sult (1966)

In 1890, Pontus, the starving writer, wanders the streets of Christiania, in search of love and a chance to get his work published...

8.0/10 1,610
11 Nero veneziano (1978) 5.7/10 223
12 Dokuritsu shonen gasshôdan (2000) 6.8/10 177

12 titles

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