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1 Morphin(e) (2005 short)

A man wakes up in a hospital after a car accident. As he goes in and out of consciousness, he thinks he sees a nurse euthanize the patient next to him. When he tells the doctors what happened, no one believes him.

7.5/10 107
2 Woody Dines Out (1945 short)

Woody is hungry because all the restaurants are closed; and when he sees a place that stuffs birds, he goes there - only to learn he's gone to a taxidermist.

7.2/10 64
3 The Scarlet Letters (2007 short)

A young couple's first encounter in a pick-up bar takes a sinister turn. This ain't boy meets girl.

7.9/10 33
4 Disembraced (2004 video short)

Joshua tells the story of his dear friend Johnny, from how they met, Johnny's lifestyle and his dealings with Cool Hand Rufus, until he can tell no more.

4.7/10 30
5 There Once Was a Man (2012 video short)

Derek and Amy awake to find themselves being held in a dark cellar by a mysterious man with a disfigured face.

8.5/10 6
6 Honeymoon Blues (1946 short)

Immediately after his wedding, Hugh's boss comes to him with an important job - he is to ingratiate himself with an important client's mistress and retrieve some incriminating love letters.

7 Recovery Is a Difficult and Rewarding Process (2012 short)

Patient is having a bad night. Repeatedly, drugged and dragged into new and increasingly strange situations, by a cadre of strangely chipper men. A hallucination or some kind puzzle? What can or should she do?

7 titles

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