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1 Welcome to Dreadville: Distraught (2006 video short)

A missing person, a detective on the case, and a killer on the loose. When does the torture stop? When your dead.

6.5/10 12
2 Welcome to Dreadville III: The Lottery (2009 short)

Josh has only one chance to get himself out of the trouble, but when he turns to gambling as a way to pay back his debits, his troubles turn deadly.

7.3/10 10
3 Welcome to Dreadville III: Dark of Night (2008 short)

Daisy waits alone waiting for her husband to get home, a cannibalistic killer is on the loose. Is the killer in her presence? Or is the dark of night just playing tricks on her?

4.9/10 8
4 Welcome to Dreadville: Addict (2006 video short)

As The Sydicated Mafia pump's the newest, highly addictive drug Jak into the small town of Dreadvile...

7.1/10 7
5 Welcome to Dreadville II: Are You Rei? (2007 short)

Sam is left mentally ill and handicap after a tragic accident occurs involving her young daughter Rei...

5.9/10 "  
6 Welcome to Dreadville II: Red in Dreadville (2007 video short)

Mutilated corpses, donut munching officers, psychic henchman and a ton of laughs. It's a classic story, with a Bublenutz Production twist.

7.1/10 "  

6 titles

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