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1 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

A meek hobbit of the Shire and eight companions set out on a journey to Mount Doom to destroy the One Ring and the dark lord Sauron.

8.8/10 908,901
2 Sliding Doors (1998)

A London woman's love life and career both hinge, unknown to her, on whether or not she catches a train. We see it both ways, in parallel.

6.8/10 46,120
3 Barbarella (1968)

In the far future, a highly sexual woman is tasked with finding and stopping the evil Durand-Durand. Along the way she encounters various unusual people.

5.9/10 19,948
4 Céline et Julie vont en bateau - Phantom Ladies Over Paris (1974)

A mysteriously linked pair of young women find their daily lives pre-empted by a strange boudoir melodrama...

7.7/10 2,620
5 Pandora and the Flying Dutchman (1951)

A seductive woman falls in love with a mysterious ship's captain.

7.1/10 1,691
6 Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol (1962 TV movie)

An animated, magical, musical version of Dickens' timeless classic "A Christmas Carol." The nearsighted Mr...

7.7/10 1,402
7 Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil (2005 video game) 7.5/10 292
8 Flying Disc Man from Mars (1950)

A single-handed hero sets himself against Martians trying to assume control of Earth.

5.8/10 126
9 Ace Lightning (2002 TV series)

Combining live-action and CGI animation, this groundbreaking action/comedy follows the adventures of...

6.3/10 109
10 Malditos sean! (2011)

A sinister healer who will curse several people dragging them to live creepy experiences along their own stories.

5.8/10 30
11 Dark Seal (1990 video game)
12 Dark Seal II (1992 video game)

12 titles

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