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1 Gargoyles (1994 TV series)

A clan of heroic night creatures pledge to protect modern New York City as they did in Scotland long ago

8.1/10 8,358
2 The Batman (2004 TV series)

A young Bruce Wayne is in his third year of trying to establish himself as Batman, protector of Gotham City...

7.2/10 4,545
3 The Sign of Four (1987 TV movie)

The disappearance of a young woman's father and a mysterious note years later after the strange regular annual delivery of valuable pearls to her puts Sherlock Holmes on the case.

8.0/10 880
4 Sherlock (2002 TV movie)

Early in his crime-solving career, Sherlock Holmes attempts to prevent Moriarty from cornering the heroin market.

6.1/10 627
5 Oliver's Travels (1995 TV mini-series)

After his job is terminated, a humanities professor and puzzle addict joins forces with a woman PC to travel the country while solving a cold case murder.

7.9/10 278
6 Gibel imperii (2005 TV mini-series)

The Fall of the Great Russian Empire is the main storyline of this 10 episode mini series, however, every episode has a separate detective story of its own.

7.8/10 240

6 titles

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