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1 Deputy Droopy (1955 short)

A jailhouse, a tempting safe... and a sleeping sheriff. Can the two villains make off with the loot without waking him up...

7.4/10 354
2 The Three Troubledoers (1946 short)

Set in the old west, the stooges become marshals in a town with a high death rate for lawmen. The boys...

7.0/10 193
3 Judgement (1995 short)

In Judgement County, Texas, a rookie cop gets the ultimate test when an APB for a child killer fits...

6.7/10 102
4 You, the People (1940 short)

This entry in MGM's series of shorts, "Crime Doesn't Pay", features a big city crime boss's attempt...

6.3/10 77
5 Roaring Guns (1944 short)

Farmers take up arms against miners whose high water pressure mining operations are destroying their farms with mud and water runoff.

5.1/10 60
6 The Man from Texas (1915 short)

A cowboy gets a message that his sister's husband has left her and she is in trouble. When he gets there, he finds her dead. He sets out to track down the husband.

5.3/10 57
7 Don't Shoot (1926 short)

Nancy Burton, niece of the sheriff, is in love with Deputy Tom Farrell, but she as an aversion to bloodshed...

6.1/10 8
8 Girl Trouble (1933 short)

Bud has sent for a mail order bride but so has Ben and Ben used Bud's picture. When the two girls arrive at the same time...

4.0/10 "  
9 On Duty (2000 short)

John Defranco, a rookie deputy of a small-town sheriff's unit joins the force when a string of missing women erupts from neighboring counties...

6.0/10 "  
10 Twisted Trails (1916 short)
11 Arizona Cyclone (1934 short)
12 Carrying the Mail (1934 short)
13 The Desert Man (1934 short)
14 Pals of the West (1934 short)
15 Garden of Eatin' (1943 short)
16 The Sheriff of Kit's Run (2005 short)
17 Portrait d'un amoureux (2011 short)

17 titles

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