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1 Oz (1997 TV series)

A series chronicling the daily activities of an unusual prison facility and its criminal inhabitants.

8.9/10 48,886
2 Erufen rîto (2004 TV series)

University students Kohta and Yuka (Kohta's cousin) save a Diclonius girl called "Lucy" when they see her naked in a beach...

8.3/10 14,058
3 The Fortunes and Misfortunes of Moll Flanders (1996 TV movie)

In her filthy cell in Newgate prison Moll Flanders, dubbed 'the wickedest woman in England' tells her story...

8.0/10 853
4 Dirty Pictures (2000 TV movie)

A Cincinnati museum director goes on trial in 1990 for exhibiting sadomasochistic photographs taken by Robert Mapplethorpe.

6.7/10 671
5 A Rumor of War (1980 TV movie)

The memories of a US private in Vietnam who slowly gets disillusioned as the war progresses.

6.8/10 198
6 Golgo 13 (2008 TV series)

Duke Togo, a.k.a. Golgo 13, is a highly-skilled assassin hired only by those who pay top-dollar for his services - whether it's the FBI...

7.5/10 171
7 Crime of Innocence (1985 TV movie)

Two teenage girls are locked up for a minor offense by a harsh judge who thinks a night in jail will do them good...

6.6/10 143
8 Chroniques d'un Iran interdit (2011 TV documentary) 7.6/10 21
9 Night club (2001 TV series)

9 titles

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