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1 Red Dwarf (1988 TV series)

The adventures of the last human alive and his friends, stranded three million years into deep space on the mining ship Red Dwarf.

8.6/10 17,561
2 Supernova (2000)

Supernova chronicles the search and rescue patrol of a medical ship in deep space in the early 22nd...

4.7/10 12,396
3 Star Trek (1966 TV series)
Episode: The Tholian Web

While Capt. Kirk and the derelict USS Defiant apparently lost, the Enterprise grapples with an insanity causing plague and an attack by the Tholians.

8.1/10 734
4 Metoroido (1986 video game)

Metroid is an action-adventure game in which the player controls Samus Aran in sprite-rendered two-dimensional landscapes...

8.0/10 419
5 Doctor Who (1963 TV series)
Episode: The Ark in Space: Part Four

The Doctor tries to protect the humans still in cryogenic suspension from the Wirrn, who are determined to use Earth as their new breeding ground.

8.2/10 178
6 Deepwater Black (1997 TV series)

In the future, Earth's entire population is being wiped out by an unstoppable virus. Mankind's only...

7.8/10 51
7 Sinistar (1983 video game)

A small, triangular fighter ship is maneuvered by the player through a series of "Zones" in the galaxy...

7.5/10 31
8 Zaxxon (1982 video game)

You pilot an attack shuttle whose mission is to strafe the enemy's "Asteroid City". Destroy fuel tanks, gun implacements, missiles, fighters and a large enemy robot.

7.0/10 23
9 Atomic Robo-Kid (1988 video game) 6.4/10 5
10 First Continuum (2015)

In the far future an assassin decides the fate of the universe.

11 Lunar VI (2008 short)
12 4-D Warriors (1985 video game)
13 Rafflesia (1986 video game)
14 Night Star (1983 video game)
15 Images (1970 short)
16 Atomic Castle (1984 video game)
17 Arrow Flash (1990 video game)
18 Brain (1986 video game)
19 Space Gun (1990 video game)
20 Tatsujin Ô (1992 video game)

20 titles

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