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1 Aftermath (1994 short)

A short film wherein a man working in a morgue mutilates and defiles one of the corpses. He takes the heart home to his dog.

6.1/10 3,256
2 The Act of Seeing with One's Own Eyes (1971 documentary short)

At a morgue, forensic pathologists conduct autopsies of the corpses assigned.

7.1/10 820
3 Death in the Seine (1989 TV short)

Historical drownings in the Seine are catalogued, dissected and elaborated, with multilayered visuals and 'documentary' asides.

7.2/10 245
4 Beneath the Veneer of a Murder (2010 short)

A brief yet tense phone conversation between politically connected powerhouse Tom Buchanan (Mark Grant)...

"   37
5 Night of the Punks (2010 short)

A small town punk band travels to their first out of town gig, only to find the venue deserted, the promoter a creep, and the only audience a pack of bloodthirsty demons from hell.

6.9/10 35
6 Murder in the Pullman (1932 short)

Irma is a woman who doesn't mind people knowing she's expensive. Nick Valentine, a nightclub owner in Chicago...

6.3/10 29
7 She's So Cold (1995 short)

"She's So Cold" is a psychological musical noir drama which takes place at a government office set in a dystopian future...

8.6/10 27
8 Playing Dead (2004 short)

A young boy in the woods comes across the dead body of a woman. Apparently having no concept of death, he decides to play along.

5.9/10 14
9 The House Sitter (2008 short)

While house sitting Kim is plunged into a desperate battle for survival when she is attacked by a disturbing entity, Dragos.

7.5/10 8
10 Flip Book (2012 short)

A Detective investigates a mysterious crime scene.

11 Otra vez (2013 short)

11 titles

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