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1 Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004 documentary)

Michael Moore's view on what happened to the United States after September 11; and how the Bush Administration allegedly used the tragic event to push forward its agenda for unjust wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

7.5/10 100,624
2 Shoah (1985 documentary)

Claude Lanzmann directed this 9 1/2 hour documentary of the Holocaust without using a single frame of archive footage...

8.0/10 4,476
3 Dreams of a Life (2011 documentary)

A filmmaker sets out to discover the life of Joyce Vincent, who died in her bedsit in North London in 2003. Her body wasn't discovered for three years, and newspaper reports offered few details of her life - not even a photograph.

6.8/10 1,677
4 The Act of Seeing with One's Own Eyes (1971 documentary short)

At a morgue, forensic pathologists conduct autopsies of the corpses assigned.

7.1/10 844
5 Who Killed Nancy? (2009 documentary)

On October 12th 1978 New York Police discovered the lifeless body of a 20 year-old woman, slumped under the bathroom sink in a hotel room...

6.6/10 247
6 Banaz: A Love Story (2012 documentary)

This is a documentary film chronicling the brutal Honour Killing of Banaz Mahmod, a young British Kurdish woman in London, killed by her own family for choosing a life for herself.

8.2/10 54
7 The Secret Identity of Jack the Ripper (1988 TV documentary)

A panel of experts examines the five main suspects in the Jack the Ripper murders and determines which of them is the most likely to have committed the crimes.

7.1/10 49
8 Kantoku shikkaku (2011 documentary) 6.3/10 18

8 titles

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