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1 Animal House (1978)

At a 1962 College, Dean Vernon Wormer is determined to expel the entire Delta Tau Chi Fraternity, but those troublemakers have other plans for him.

7.7/10 76,731
2 Porky's II: The Next Day (1983)

The naughty high schoolers of Angel Beach High now seek revenge on a group of KKK religious fanatics and corrupt politicians who want to shut down their Shakespeare production after they cast a Seminole transfer student in the lead.

4.8/10 7,382
3 Africa Screams (1949)

Abbott & Costello search for diamonds in Africa, along the way meeting a visually-impaired gunner, a hungry lion, and a tribe of cannibals...

6.5/10 2,545
4 The Noose Hangs High (1948)

Abbott and Costello are two window washers who are mistaken by Nick Craig, a bookie, as the messengers he sent for to pick up $50,000...

7.1/10 679
5 3 Ring Circus (1954)

Another movie with Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin. Jerry and Pete are two friends with no money, looking for some job...

5.9/10 393
6 A.T.M.: ¡¡A toda máquina!! (1951)

A drifter lands a job as an officer in Mexico City's elite motorcycle police unit. Once there, he falls in love with a girl...

7.9/10 349
7 The Crystal Ball (1943)

Girl loses beauty contest, becomes a fortune teller.

6.6/10 251
8 Follow the Sun (1951)

The inspiring film biography of the courageous champion golfer Ben Hogan.

6.2/10 194
9 The Long Summer of George Adams (1982 TV movie) 7.6/10 42
10 Powel Crosley and the 20th Century (1988 TV special documentary) 8.0/10 6
11 Parade of Stars Auto Show (1952 TV movie)

11 titles

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