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1 The Wall Street Mystery (1931 short)

The apparent murder of two stockbrokers is solved in quick fashion by Dr. Crabtree.

5.8/10 56
2 The Studio Murder Mystery (1932 short)

When the leading lady of a motion picture is murdered in the middle of a scene, Inspector Carr and Dr. Crabtree are called in to investigate.

5.4/10 51
3 Poliisi selvittää (2012 short) 5.7/10 29
4 Whiskey Sour (2009 short)

A timid social worker experiencing marital problems meets a mysterious man who claims to be a killer.

7.8/10 26
5 Cleansed (2008 short) 6.8/10 25
6 Magoo's Problem Child (1956 short)

The near-sighted Mr. Magoo returns from a trip and mistakes a ramshackle shack, near his home, for his palatial home...

6.1/10 15
7 Hush (2006 short)

Some time after miscarrying, the psychologically traumatized Fay Malony finds herself accused of kidnapping...

4.1/10 8
8 CSI:Snackbar (2006 short)

Jack Goodall, head of security, along with his crack team of security officers and chemistry teachers have their hands full as they try to stay one step ahead of the bad guys at an Eastern university.

3.7/10 7
9 Isis Avenue (2008 documentary short)

A short film documenting a "crime-scene cleanup" crew's early morning excavation of a home left abandoned by its deceased owner in Inglewood...

8.5/10 6
10 The Method (2010 short) 8.2/10 "  
11 Death Waits (2009 short)
12 Snowflakes (2010 short)
13 The Hairy Scary Investigation (2011 short)
14 Cupid and the Bagel Girl (2009 short)
15 The Rookie (1932 short)
16 The Eight Levels of Slam (2007 short)
17 Six and Eleven (1999 short)
18 Afslag 89 (2014 short)
19 Pin (2014 short)

19 titles

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