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1 Futurama (1999 TV series)

Fry, a pizza guy is accidentally frozen in 1999 and thawed out New Year's Eve 2999.

8.7/10 100,944
2 Monkeybone (2001)

In a coma, a cartoonist finds himself trapped within his own underground creation and must find a way to get back, while racing against his popular but treacherous character, Monkeybone.

4.7/10 12,652
3 Once Upon a Forest (1993)

A young mouse, mole and hedgehog risk their lives to find a cure for their badger friend, who's been poisoned by men.

6.5/10 3,157
4 Kimi ga nozomu eien (2003 TV series)

Follows complicated love life of Takayuki Narumi, a male high school student.

7.9/10 659

4 titles

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