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1 Ben and Me (1953 short)

A mouse tells the story of how he guided Benjamin Franklin to success and prominence.

7.4/10 443
2 Williamsburg: The Story of a Patriot (1957 short)

This is a 37-minute orientation film, filmed in the spring of 1956, for visitors to historic Colonial Williamsburg...

5.8/10 104
3 Dear America: The Winter of Red Snow (1999 TV short)

The story of a teenage girl and her family who live in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, during the American Revolution.

6.7/10 50
4 Dear America: Standing in the Light (1999 TV short)

A teenage Quaker farm girl is abducted by Indians in 1750s Pennsylvania.

6.6/10 39
5 Dear America: A Journey to the New World (1999 TV short)

The story of a twelve-year-old Pilgrim girl's first few months at Plymouth Colony.

7.8/10 25
6 The Spirit of '76 (1908 short)

During the American Revolution, an American girl, played by Betty Harte, hides her soldier sweetheart...

3.9/10 8
7 The Baron and the Rose (1940 short)

The story of Henry Stiegel, a blacksmith in Elizabeth Furnace, Pennsylvania, who, in colonial days became a famous glass-maker...

6.0/10 5
8 How Mrs. Murray Saved the American Army (1911 short)

During the American Revolution, Mrs. Murray (Miriam Nesbitt), a spirited American wife, pretends to welcome the British command into her home...

9 Hands Across the Sea in '76 (1911 short)

Features a chronological parade of major events and battles of the American Revolution, with a side-plot...

10 The Witch of Salem (1913 short)

A young Puritan boy in Salem, Massachusetts falls in love. When the object of his affection is accused of witchcraft...

11 Gospel of Liberty (1996 video short)
12 When the Flag Falls (1909 short)

12 titles

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