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1 Benjamin Franklin (2002 TV mini-series documentary)

The story of the renowned American polymath.

7.6/10 123
2 The American Revolution (1994 TV documentary)

Thorough documentary of how the American Colonies rebelled against England and the personalities involved in the creation of a new nation.

7.9/10 72
3 Liberty or Death (2007 TV documentary)

To avoid interference from the royal governor of the colony and his marines, the Second Virginia Convention met in Richmond...

8.1/10 7
4 The Art & Artisans of Southern Furniture (1997 video documentary)

This video tells the story of how Colonial Williamsburg's curators, conservators, archaeologists, and...

5 Beyond History: History as a Tool (1997 video documentary)

This program focuses on the use of history as a tool for curricular integration. You will see a reproduction...

6 Church vs State (1998 documentary)

Church vs State brings students to a time in America when church and state were often allied. Though many came to America for religious freedom...

7 Of Kith and Kin (1998 video documentary)

Of Kith and Kin: The Trials and Triumphs of African American family life focuses on Paris, whose stories...

8 Prelude to Independence: The Stamp Act Crisis (1995 video documentary)
9 The Runaway (1990 video documentary)

9 titles

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