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1 Peaceful Warrior (2006)

A chance encounter with a stranger changes the life of a college gymnast.

7.3/10 15,379
2 Blackbeard's Ghost (1968)

In this comedy, Peter Ustinov is the famous pirate's ghost that returns to our time. Blackbeard has...

6.7/10 3,027
3 College (1927)

To reconcile with his girlfriend, a bookish college student tries to become an athlete.

7.2/10 2,565
4 Tea and Sympathy (1956)

Tom Lee is a sensitive boy of 17 whose lack of interest in the "manly" pursuits of sports, mountain...

7.3/10 1,375
5 The 5th Quarter (2010)

Driven by the tragic and fatal car crash that took the life of his fifteen year old brother Luke, and wearing Luke's number 5 jersey, Jon Abbate helps to lead the Wake Forest Demon Deacons to the most successful season in school history.

5.6/10 1,032
6 Friday Night Lights (2006 TV series)
Episode: Bad Ideas

Eric and Tammi's separation takes its toll; Landry and Tyra become closer while Matt and Julie drift apart meanwhile the Panthers gear up for a new season.

6.5/10 191
7 Head Games (2012 documentary)

A documentary that follows football player and pro-wrestler Chris Nowinski's quest to uncover the truth about the consequences of sports related head injuries.

7.3/10 185
8 Training Rules (2009 video documentary)

Examines how women's collegiate sports, caught in a web of homophobic practices, collude in the destruction of the lives and dreams of many of its most talented athletes.

7.1/10 74
9 The Best Years (2007 TV series)
Episode: Vertigo

Scholarship student Samantha Best meets her new roommate Kathryn Klarner and the girls make plans to check out the town's hottest club...

8.6/10 18
10 The Lost Special (1932)

A lady reporter and two college students search for the "Gold Special," a train that disappeared without a trace.

6.6/10 17
11 Athlete (2010 documentary) 7.0/10 14
12 The Best Years (2007 TV series)
Episode: From Here to Eternity
7.7/10 10
13 Guide to Recruiting: Preparing You for Your Future (1989 documentary short)
14 Out for the Long Run (2011 documentary)

14 titles

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