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1 Gunday (2014)

Two childhood friends and their journey to becoming men and achieving their dream of being rulers of the town.

1.6/10 47,129
2 Mies vailla menneisyyttä (2002)

The second part of Aki Kaurismäki's "Finland" trilogy, the film follows a man who arrives in Helsinki...

7.7/10 15,564
3 The Public Enemy (1931)

A young hoodlum rises up through the ranks of the Chicago underworld, even as a gangster's accidental death threatens to spark a bloody mob war.

7.8/10 10,697
4 Young Adam (2003)

A young drifter working on a river barge disrupts his employers' lives while hiding the fact that he knows more about a dead woman found in the river than he admits.

6.4/10 10,065
5 Mang jing (2003)

Two Chinese coal miners have hit upon the perfect scam: murder one of their fellow mine workers, make the death look like an accident...

7.6/10 1,646
6 The Wreck of the Mary Deare (1959)

A disgraced merchant marine officer elects to stay aboard his sinking cargo ship in order to prove the vessel was deliberately scuttled and, as a result, vindicate his good name.

6.8/10 1,425
7 Uchû daikaijû Dogora (1964)

The Earth is attacked by a giant jellyfish monster from outer space that, for some reason, has a sweet tooth for diamonds.

5.7/10 320
8 Dalziel and Pascoe (1996 TV series)
Episode: Under World

The discovery of a skeleton deep underground in a mine shaft brings Dalziel and Pascoe to the Yorkshire coalfield...

7.5/10 60
9 State Police (1938)

The state police try to break up racketeering in a coal mining town.

6.5/10 17
10 Fury Below (1936)

Jim Cole, heir to a mining operation, takes over the mine, which is suffering from unexplained low production...

6.3/10 16

10 titles

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